Why I love my job as a Licensed Conveyancer

Hi, my name is Natalie Mason and I am a co-owner and licensed conveyancer at Conveyancing Services.
Welcome to my blog – Conveyancing Conversations!

I started work fresh out of school with Conveyancing Services as a receptionist and found the staff friendly and funny – it was a great place to work! Conveyancing, on the other-hand was a minefield of words I’ve never heard and legal documents that I had never seen. Can it really be this complicated just to buy a house I wondered?

It was all fascinating to me! At the time I was saving to buy my first home myself and loved that every day I went to work I would learn something new, a helpful tip, or an issue to be wary of. I love that every client I speak to has a different story, and that no two conveyancing transactions are ever the same. Even today with thousands of conveyances under my belt, I still go through Contracts and go wow, I’ve never seen that before and I enjoy the challenge of finding out the answers.

After 2 years at the company I knew I had found my home and I began studying Conveyancing Law and Practice at Macquarie University. I wanted to become a conveyancer because I wanted to help people with such an exciting time in their life. Also, I wanted to get my hands onto those Contracts. This magical stack of paper that makes you the owner of your own little piece of Australia!

I have now worked in the conveyancing industry for 13 years. It’s been over 6 years since I graduated from Macquarie University and became a Licensed Conveyancer. My business partner Tony Morris is a highly respected conveyancer and was issued one of the first conveyancing licenses when the legislation was first passed in 1992. Last year Tony and I were very proud to become the owners of Conveyancing Services.

Conveyancing Services is one of the longest established conveyancing firms in NSW and as a leader in the conveyancing field we wanted to write a blog to help demystify the conveyancing process for people and give something back to the industry that supports us.

Every fortnight we will be sharing our experience and advice on the many various topics that can arise when you are looking to buy or sell property.

We encourage comments and also invite you to be involved and ask any questions or suggest a future topic.

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